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Breakthrough Clarity Session

Are you contemplating divorce and going through the excruciating experience of the breakdown of your marriage and starting over? 

You may be having feelings of:

  • Being stuck and not able to move forward from your past experiences
  • Uncertainty and fear about your future
  • Constant guilt and feeling like a ‘failure’
  • Denial and shock with the breakdown of your marriage and how it will affect your future
  • Worry and concern about making it alone and being good enough to raise your kids as a single mom
  • Crippling loneliness, not knowing how to enjoy your own company
  • Shame as perhaps your family and society have now labelled you
  • Disconnected from Allah, as you hurt, feeling far away from Him
  • Disconnected from supportive friends/family

These life-altering decisions around marriage and divorce are challenging. You don’t have to handle them by yourself.

You can come out the other side, renewed and ready to start the next chapter of your life with hope and possibility regardless of which path you go down.

I can help.

Book a 60-minute breakthrough session with me and get the support you need to gain clarity, confidence, and calm for your next steps forward with tawakkul. So you can be true to yourself and please Allah.

What you'll get:  

  • Clarity on how to overcome the biggest challenge you are currently facing.
  • Concrete steps on how to confidently move forward with a clear vision of the life you want.
  • Perspective shift on how the test of the breakdown of your marriage can be a fresh start to a bright future by reconnecting to Allah and your self.

What People Are Saying:

Happy to know I am not alone. I feel better knowing there is help available and I can get through this rough period and move forward with my life.


It is reassuring to hear that feelings of failure, loneliness, blame, shame, stigma and feeling broken are normal and I am not alone in my experience of grief. I really connected with you and your story of co dependence and want to learn from you. Your [program] appeals to me in improving my self esteem and confidence.


I recently had an opportunity to have a session with this phenomenal lady, Rayesa Gheewala. I truly wish we had such services when I was going through the troubles of my marriage then divorce a decade ago. Having a divorce coach who is well educated in not just Islamic and cultural values, but also in life experience and self-development, is able to comprehend what one goes through in the process and has clear objectives for you to work on, only enhances the process positively and accelerates growth after a traumatic life altering event. Rayesa is that coach and so much more. I cannot thank her enough for having the courage, intelligence and empathy to begin this initiative that has and will help many women within the Muslim communities. I truly wish that someone had offered your service that time so it would not have taken me a longer time to learn and have positive faithful realizations. May Allah bless you for all that you do, Rayesa!


I had just made the decision to file for divorce after 21 years and was seeking support, guidance and direction in moving forward. I was struggling with clarity on how to proceed, how to talk to my kids, how to navigate my feelings and emotions, and where to get help. The session had several self-reflection opportunities that forced me to envision my path ahead, to be clear on my wants and my needs, as well as the reasons for my decisions. I left with more of a personalized clarity on what is best for me, that didn't come from a lecture, but from exercises that forced me to define what is best for me. Overall, it was a calming, reassuring and clarifying experience.


The session allowed me to analyze and look in depth at the direction of my life. It helped me bring out my inner thoughts of fear and emotions. It helped me express my fear and analyze the challenges one will face after divorce and how one can confidently and strongly face it. It made me realize that I am not alone and if I have faith in Allah, I don’t have to fear society. It gave me the courage to step up and rethink of my health and happiness rather than living in fear. In short it gave me purpose and hope and courage to think for myself and help me ease my fear that an unhappy marriage is better than living alone. It helped me to acknowledge that I am very strong as a woman and don’t need a man to survive and tell me how good or bad I am. Self confidence, self happiness is a key factor with faith in Allah one can thrive many hurdles one is going through.


I’ve had a significant positive impact. During the previous session, I went into deep thoughts while you were discussing tools and life lessons. It caused me to reflect on my practices. I liked everything about our session. When you listen and then respond, I felt that you knew exactly what I was going through.


There’s been a beginning of acceptance of my whole self, and embracing my human-ness, which was lost or not there for a while. My self trust has been triggered and it feels as though my next step is to simply believe in all I am and where I am. It’s hopeful to know that I may not have all the answers right now but the solutions aren’t external but lies within me. I derive confidence from how I can choose to speak to myself or make decisions from a neutral space than I previously would. For my relationships to be what they’re meant to be - healthy - there’s relief in not defending myself anymore but focus on protecting my relationship with Allah Swt and trying to get to know who I am or once was.