This 12-week private 1:1 program gives your the personalized support and nurturing to reinvent your life after divorce with clarity, confidence, and healing in the next chapter of your life.

You'll be able to move forward with a foundation of reliance and certainty in Allah’s promise of possibility and abundance. This is a journey of letting go of the past, paving the future, and taking charge of each present moment.

No matter what challenges you are facing in this new chapter of your life, you can always choose to live a life of enlightened excellence! 

What You Get:

  • Twice a month 1-hour private coaching sessions on the 1st and 3rd week.
  • Access to the Reinvent Yourself After Divorce digital course (10 weekly prerecorded classes).


  • 3 Months access to the group coaching (The new Reinvent Yourself After Divorce Mastermind) on the 2nd and 4th week. 
  • Access to WhatsApp group for additional support and sisterhood.



Module 1: Unbreakable

  • Rebuilding and strengthening your two foundational relationships for Unbreakable healing.
  • Learning where your Identity, value, worth, self esteem and confidence inherently come from.
  • Learning how not to fall into the trap of others' expectations for your life.
  • Reinventing your Self: How and Why.


Module 2: Understanding Your Psychology To Master Your Emotions

  • Separate with fairness, kindness and respect
  • Restoring your connection to Allah with heart and mind for increased tawakkal.
  • Understanding how you are experiencing your life moment by moment via thought. Nothing or no one has any power over you nor do you over them.
  • Learning to raise your level of consciousness and self awareness.
  • Accessing your inner resilience and wisdom to make sound decisions with clarity and conviction
  • Learning how to overcome divorce stereotyping of blame, shame, stigma, etc.


Module 3: Loneliness

  • Understanding the causes of loneliness
  • Learning the 'Biggest Myth' on how to deal with loneliness
  • Understanding how loneliness can sabotage your healing, progress, and success and how to avoid falling into it.
  • Learning the difference between 'being alone' vs 'being lonely'
  • Understanding the need for 'alone time' with yourself before being in any relationship.

To find out if this program is for you

What Past Clients Are Saying

"Before this program I wasn't even aware of what I was feeling and I didn't know how to process my emotions. Since then, I’ve become more aware of myself, my habits, my thinking and emotions. I've become a better person. I’m no longer scared of loneliness. I’ve learnt not to fill the void with the things that don’t belong in my heart. I know only Allah can give me whatever I ask for. My relationship with Allah has improved. My concepts and understanding of Him has improved. I broke free of people's opinion about my marital status and only depend on Allah for my self worth and self esteem. I’m more confident now. It all happened because my relationship with Allah changed. "


"Rayesa has helped me through the most difficult time in my life of going through a divorce. Allah (swt) has provided me a gift through her teachings and I will be forever grateful. Without these lessons, I would not have the insight to have taken a big step on my journey towards becoming a confident and resilient Muslimah committed to pleasing Allah in all that I do. Alhamdulilah for Rayesa being the means for these tools and lessons from the source Allah (swt). "


"This [program] benefited me a lot! I literally got myself back. The most important thing of all: I was able to become a confident woman for the first time in my life and know my self worth as a human being and a Muslimah. It helped me massively to have a guilt free, positive relationship with Allah for the first time. As most of my life I was constantly feeling that I was not good enough in the sight of Allah and then lived my life with a failure mindset. With renewed, lasting energy, hope and confidence in Allah, I’m ready to get back up and not just survive but thrive in life and pursue my dreams and goals. It was the best investment ever alhamdulillah. I got far more out than the amount I invested for myself in this course. JzkAllahu khayra for your help. "


"I was struggling with how to cope with divorce. I needed help with rediscovering myself after divorce, dealing with loneliness and feelings of guilt, and finding ways to effectively coparent. "


"Sis Rayesa was very helpful coach and always kept her students motivated. The [program] was very interesting as it focused on building positive thinking. One very important lesson that I received is that we often cannot control the world around us, however, we can be vigilant about the way we think."


"I found [the program ]very helpful in creating new patterns of behavior for myself, living in the present moment and appreciating the importance of motive/intention as opposed to focusing on outcomes. Making these changes has helped me enjoy my relationships more and Inshallah will keep me more in tune with people and myself."


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