A Life of Confidence,
Authenticity & Purpose After Divorce Is 
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Break free from confusion, anxiety and pain from divorce with this special 12-month transformational program, “Reinventing Your Life After Divorce Mastermind”.

An Invitation for You

Strategic intervention with psychological, spiritual, and emotional support + physical care. Start enjoying life again, healing, rebuilding your foundation, reinventing yourself, forging a new healthy dynamic for you.


Whether you are...

Going through,
About to go through,
Have gone through
I’m here to help support and nurture you in my signature program.


Have you ever felt this way?


 "I'm divorced. My marriage failed. I'M A FAILURE."

"How can I manage on my own? I dread feeling all alone."

"I feel overwhelmed and anxious."

"I thought I would finally feel free to be myself again, but I don't know who I am anymore."

 "I feel trapped in the past, with crippling sadness wondering what I did wrong and why I couldn't make my marriage work."

 "I feel hurt and shame and like I've disappointed my family."

"I'm so confused and uncertain about my future."


You’re not alone. I used to feel like this too. And I've supported many divorced Muslimahs who also struggle with these overwhelming emotions that leave you feeling paralyzed, overwhelmed, and fearful.


Know that there is a way out of this, and that a renewed life of hope and possibility awaits you!


Although there is grief from the end of a marriage which deeply hurts, it is also the beginning of something more beautiful. After all, our faith assures us with the promise that when Allah takes something away from you, He will replace it with something better!


So are you ready to find out how you can empower yourself to discover that better life?  Read on…

The foundation for Unbreakable status is your two most important relationships to rebuild a more beautiful, better life after divorce


 Vengeance, anger, and lashing out from the pain will NOT help you. In fact, it will only create more conflict and trauma for you. It will definitely not help you to follow the divine blueprint for divorce found in the Quran of separating or staying together in Fairness, Kindness and Respect.


I know just how hard it is to deal with the overwhelming emotions from an unhealthy marriage and divorce. The pain, hurt, resentment, betrayal, anxiety guilt, and fear can be crushing.


However, when I shifted the focus from being consumed with my pain and hurt  as a victim, to that of deepening two of the most important relationships in my life, that was when I was able to accelerate the healing process to Unbreakable.


My mission is to help you do the same.


What are those two relationships?


  1. My relationship with Allah
  2. My relationship with Myself


Nurturing these two essential relationships allowed me to get clear on my identity and get back to my fitra. This in turn gave me access to my birthright of wisdom (hikma) and insight (baseera) to reinvent myself with fearless confidence (tawakkaul), overcome loneliness, and master my emotions so divorce stereotyping of shame, blame, and stigma don't disempower and defeat me to keep me stuck.


This opened the path for me to tap into my innate spiritual and emotional resilience, and intuition. From here I was consciously able to have and set new, healthy patterns of thinking and behavior from a healthy, calm, peaceful place inside, even though the external circumstances were quite turbulent.


I want you to know that you have the ability to do this, as this is your human birthright too. You’re already equipped with innate resilience and wisdom to permanently heal, transform and thrive. Being able to see Allah's guidance with your heart you will intuitively know what to do in any given situation, no matter how difficult the situation is.


But it’s impossible to hear that guidance when you’re overwhelmed by heightened emotions and a cluttered mind.


Break free from the confusion, anxiety and pain of divorce with “Reinventing Your Life After Divorce”. 


I want to help accelerate your healing and progress by supporting you in nurturing and strengthening these 2 essential relationships.


It is the first step that will help you get to that calm, peaceful, confident place inside yourself, where you’re not overwhelmed or feeling crippled from anxiety and fear. From this space, you too will be able to tap into your intuitive decision making, empowered with fearless confidence to rebuild a more peaceful, authentic, purposeful life for yourself.


That’s why I created my signature 12 Month Mastermind Program: “Reinventing Your Life After Divorce, Mastermind” where:

  •  You will uncover how you can be alone and not lonely 
  • You will reclaim your authentic self after years of suppression
  • You'll learn how to boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • You'll discover techniques to strengthen your inner self and master your emotions
  • We will work together to create a clear vision of the life you want.

  • With a clear vision and as captain of your own ship, you’ll have the courage to steer your life in any direction you choose

  • You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success in stepping up and taking charge of your life.

  • You’ll gain clarity on the path to overcome these boundaries or barriers so that you have the foundation to be  spiritually and emotionally healthy.

  • You’ll emerge renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally live with confidence, authenticity and purpose, which empowers you to navigate the challenges of divorce and beyond.

"This course benefited me a lot. I literally got myself back! I'm no longer worried about my marital status. As I see the worth of a woman is not based on it"

During the 12-months mastermind, we will cover these topics:

  • Developing self awareness and self consciousness leading to God consciousness (taqwa). These are the precursors to tawakkul (reliance on God alone), in every step of your life.
  • Building a strong secure foundation that is Unbreakable (rooted in your two most important relationships)
  • Starting the healing process through your relationship with Allah, leading to:

    • Self love
    • Self Care: Including boundaries
    • Self Acceptance
    • Self Forgiveness
    • Self Kindness
    • Self Compassion
  • Navigating the grief, guilt, shame, and stigma that comes with separation and divorce with calm, confidence, and compassion.
  • Understanding your human (spiritual and psychological) experience and not being afraid of it.
  • Recognizing your thinking and behavior patterns, hard wired since childhood that no longer serve you.

  • Reparenting your "inner child" and accessing your God-given wisdom with clarity and conviction in your thinking and behavior patterns.
  • Healing all the painful wounds from the root source triggered from the surface wound of your breakup.

  • Knowing, loving, and accepting your true authentic fitrah soul (self) through your connection with God.
  • Uncovering and rectifying your subconscious codependencies on anything or anyone other than Allah. 
  • Recognizing your unhealthy attachments. Detaching to them and re-attaching to Allah by recognizing the difference between The Source and the means.
  • Learning to establish clear, firm boundaries with calm, fearless confidence and compassion for self and others.
  • Growth and elevation in this world and the next, via insight as your birthright.

  • Breaking through the barriers to your God-given insights (sight into your soul).

  • Understanding the connection between heart, soul, mind, and body to heal and purify the spiritual and physical parts of you.

  • Stepping into the next part of your life transformed to the best, healed, connected version of yourself with Ehsan.

What you’ll get when you join today

  • 2x monthly group training, mentoring and coaching sessions on 2nd and 4th week.
    The program is designed to heal you to Unbreakable, make decisons from clarity rather than emotion, live authentically and navigate any challenge stemming from divorce and beyond.  These sessions set you up to learn from your own insights as well as others' while in a supportive, nonjudgmental group.


  • Access to the Reinvent Yourself After Divorce course.
    This is pre-recorded sessions (10 weekly training modules).
  • Access to the Reinvent Yourself After Divorce WhatsApp group
    One of the aims of this program is not only to provide support but also to prevent a sense of isolation and instead nurture a sense of sisterhood. This group provides just that. None of us should go it alone!
  • Recordings of the live sessions.


To learn more and find out if this program is right for you

What Past Clients Are Saying...


Helped me through the most difficult time in my life

Rayesa has helped me through the most difficult time in my life of going through a divorce. Allah (swt) has provided me a gift through her teachings and I will be forever grateful.

Without these lessons, I would not have the insight to have taken a big step on my journey towards becoming a confident and resilient Muslimah committed to pleasing Allah in all that I do. Alhamdulilah for Rayesa being the means for these tools and lessons from the source Allah (swt).

~ AS


Allowed me to take accountability for the things I need to change about myself

I was struggling with how to cope with divorce. I needed help with rediscovering myself after divorce, dealing with loneliness and feelings of guilt, and finding ways to effectively coparent.

Rayesa provided actionable techniques on how to recover. [The program] has given me a new perspective on things and has allowed me to take accountability for the things I need to change about myself.


Definitely would recommend this to others.

~ AK-1

I’m no longer scared of loneliness 

Before this program I wasn't even aware of what I was feeling and I didn't know how to process my emotions. Since then, I’ve become more aware of myself, my habits, my thinking and emotions. I've become a better person.

I’m no longer scared of loneliness. I’ve learnt not to fill the void with the things that don’t belong in my heart. I know only Allah can give me whatever I ask for.

My relationship with Allah has improved. My concepts and understanding of Him has improved. I broke free of people's opinion about my marital status and only depend on Allah for my self worth and self esteem. I’m more confident now. It all happened because my relationship with Allah changed.

~ AB


I literally got myself back

This [program] benefited me a lot! I literally got myself back.

The most important thing of all: I was able to become a confident woman for the first time in my life and know my self worth as a human being and a Muslimah. It helped me massively to have a guilt free, positive relationship with Allah for the first time. As most of my life I was constantly feeling that I was not good enough in the sight of Allah and then lived my life with a failure mindset. With renewed, lasting energy, hope and confidence in Allah, I’m ready to get back up and not just survive but thrive in life and pursue my dreams and goals.

It was the best investment ever alhamdulillah. I got far more out than the amount I invested for myself in this course. JzkAllahu khayra for your help.

~ AB


Focused on building positive thinking

Sis Rayesa was very helpful coach and always kept her students motivated. The [program] was very interesting as it focused on building positive thinking.  One very important lesson that I received is that we often cannot control the world around us, however, we can be vigilant about the way we think.

~ NH

Helpful in creating new patterns of behavior for myself

I found [the program ]very helpful in creating new patterns of behavior for myself, living in the present moment and appreciating the importance of motive/intention as opposed to focusing on outcomes.   Making these changes has helped me enjoy my relationships more and Inshallah will keep me more in tune with people and myself.

~ AK-2

Meet Your Coach: Rayesa Gheewala

Rayesa Gheewala is The Divorced Muslimah Coach. She is a Certified High-Performance Coach, a Certified "Back to Fitra" trainer, mentor and coach, and a practitioner of the Inside Out Paradigm. She is a speaker, educator, lover of life, mother of three, pharmacist and nature lover.

An unexpected divorce ending her 17-year marriage, was the impetus to Rayesa's spiritual and emotional rebirth. By turning to and nurturing her two most important relationships; with Allah and Herself she rebuilt her life and identity.

Drawing from her coaching expertise, knowledge of psychology, and life experience, Rayesa helps divorced Muslimahs start the next chapter in their life by learning how to peacefully navigate divorce in a manner pleasing to Allah with inner resilience, create new family dynamics, and successfully co-parent without falling into depression and anxiety.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Do I need to travel to attend the coaching program?

    No, the entire program will be hosted online. You only need a computer and an internet connection to join the live sessions from anywhere in the world!

    The Live sessions will be held on ZOOM, in online platform. You will be sent all the details once you sign up and register.


  • What if I can’t attend a live coaching session?

Don’t worry, there will berecording available for each session.


  • I’m not divorced, but I’m in an unhealthy marriage. I’m only staying in the marriage for my children. Will this program help me?

 YES!   this program will help you see clearly your path forward and any barriers to overcome. Whether you are married or not, challenges exist and we want to tackle them with an Unbreakable foundation.


  • I’m divorced, but I don’t have children. Will this program help me?

YES! This program will, inshaAllah, help you to:

  1. Create a crystal clear vision of the life you want.
  2. With a clear vision and as captain of your own ship, you’ll have the courage to steer your life in any direction you choose.
  3. You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success in stepping up and taking charge of your life.
  4. You’ll gain clarity on the path to overcome these boundaries or barriers so that you have the foundation to be emotionally healthy and thrive.
  5. You’ll emerge renewed, re-energized, Unbreakable, and inspired to finally live with confidence, authenticity and purpose, which empowers you to navigate the challenges of divorce.

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