"Working with Rayesa was one of the most fulfilling experiences in growth and development. She is professional, understanding and supportive. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in high performance coaching, relationships and parenting skills has been influential in my personal growth process. One of the best investments in myself and in my self-care. It was a catalyst to my growth. It is integral to personal growth. "

A Khan

"Rayesa has been instrumental in rebuilding my confidence & self worth. Her power packed sessions are like a life boat in the tumultuous ocean of chaos & drama that I often find myself in. She taught me to find peace in disarray, to find self confidence again after self hate, to find patience amidst children's frenzy. She taught me to be a better listener, a closer friend to my teenagers, and above all she taught me to live & appreciate every day of my life to the fullest. I now am completely aware that the tools to live a happy life are present within me, it's just a matter of discovering them. Rayesa has been that key to help me unlock the tools for success and happiness. "


"I just love that Rayesa gets you to THINK for yourself. She never tells you what you should be doing or thinking, rather she empowers each individual to seek out the answers within themselves. Such a simple yet powerful concept that can be applied to any area of life! She's shown me the need to find the clarity and purpose in my thinking before I can set out to achieve my personal goals. And she does it with a firm yet loving approach. She didn't merely give me tools for success, she's changed my entire outlook and mindset for life."

A Rahman

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