I recently had an opportunity to have a session with this phenomenal lady, Rayesa Gheewala. I truly wish we had such services when I was going through the troubles of my marriage then divorce a decade ago.

Having a divorce coach who is well educated in not just Islamic and cultural values, but also in life experience and self-development, is able to comprehend what one goes through in the process and has clear objectives for you to work on, only enhances the process positively and accelerates growth after a traumatic life altering event.

Rayesa is that coach and so much more. I cannot thank her enough for having the courage, intelligence and empathy to begin this initiative that has and will help many women within the Muslim communities.

I truly wish that someone had offered your service that time so it would not have taken me a longer time to learn and have positive faithful realizations.

May Allah bless you for all that you do, Rayesa!


~S M~




I just love that Rayesa gets you to THINK for yourself. She never tells you what you should be doing or thinking, rather she empowers each individual to seek out the answers within themselves. Such a simple yet powerful concept that can be applied to any area of life! She's shown me the need to find the clarity and purpose in my thinking before I can set out to achieve my personal goals. And she does it with a firm yet loving approach. She didn't merely give me tools for success, she's changed my entire outlook and mindset for life.


~A Rahman ~




I got divorced after a long marriage. My ex-husband passed away shortly after the divorce. I’m no longer in my own home, and my children are hurt and grieving the loss of their father.

Rayesa is a gifted teacher, kind, compassionate, and is an active, empathetic listener, with the ability to gently coach her clients to their own discovery about their thoughts and feelings to bring awareness and awareness gives us the ability to choose our perceptions.

Rayesa’s coaching has shifted and improved my life and my relationships. I have a sense of peace, I’ve learned how to work through times where I’m having big feelings, and this has been truly a blessing to have Rayesa Gheewala as my life coach!  

As my awareness becomes second nature I’m moving through life with more fluidity, confidence, peace, even in the most difficult of situations!


~M Simpson~




I came to you because I was struggling in my marriage and thinking of divorce. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would get out of working with you but you helped me in so many ways that have made me a better person just by adjusting how I think about situations.

These changes have helped me in other areas of my life other than in my marriage. I have also worked with my younger son and tried to teach him what you have taught me about how your feelings come from your thought in the moment.

You helped me change the way I think about negative situations

You helped me stop making up stories in my head about what could happen in the future and to live in the present moment because no one knows the future other than Allah and it has no benefit to assume something is going to happen and react to it when it hasn’t even happened yet.

You helped guide me in the direction I needed to go without making me feel like I need to decide on one thing and stick to it

Your active listening helped me hear myself and my thoughts and how I had so much negative self talk

I like that we have sessions where we discuss next steps and then other sessions where it’s a flood of emotions and I just spill everything that’s going on in my head at the time. Once it’s all out you help me weed through it all and make sense of it and work to make better how I feel or react to the situation.

You’re helping me along and very difficult journey not so much as my guide that I follow but as someone to lean on when I need the support but you also have given me strength and showed me that I am strong enough to make this journey in the right direction.

Love you ❤️






Making a decision like divorce is difficult. It consumes you with guilt and doubt. I was overwhelmed and doubted myself. I depended on others to validate me. Rayesa saw that I was taking on other’s bullets of criticism and suspicions. I felt I deserved them.
She helped me realize that I was allowing others to control my thoughts and my emotions. I allowed myself to be controlled again. They spoke one word of doubt and I created an entire dialogue inside my head of guilt. Rayesa helped me understand that others may not think the same thoughts that I am thinking. They may not even mean any harm. I allowed myself to be attacked by others and myself.

She helped me realize that most of the self doubt was not coming from others it was my own trained subconscious that I had to be told what to do. Even when it came to emotions and thoughts. I was suppressing myself from doing the right thing. She helped me realize that I should only work towards pleasing only my creator and once I realize that I must focus on my own path the obstacle coming my way may not be as difficult.

I have learned from Rayesa that allowing others to feel what they feel will help me be more free to think my own thoughts. I have learned that even though I’m still a work in progress keeping focused on loving myself for the sake of my creator can raise my confidence and keep my mind at peace.






I purchased “getting Through the Fog” to learn how cope with my emotions. The workshop helped me to have a different look at situations (perspective). It helped me to learn about what's really troubling me under the surface. I learned how to cope with my feelings and have a new vision for life.

I haven’t seen a course like this before because this approach helps with self reflection
and the concept of connecting to Allah in in every moment of our life.


~J Y~




I had just made the decision to file for divorce after 21 years and was seeking support, guidance and direction in moving forward.

I was struggling with clarity on how to proceed, how to talk to my kids, how to navigate my feelings and emotions, and where to get help.

The workshop had several self-reflection activities that forced me to envision my path ahead, to be clear on my wants and my needs, as well as the reasons for my decisions.  

I left with more of a personalized clarity on what is best for me, that didn't come from a lecture, but from exercises that forced me to define what is best for me.  

I liked hearing from others who shared very similar emotions, feelings and paths. I liked the exercises that forced us to self reflect and to clear our minds. I liked the calming and soothing sounds during the exercises.

Overall, it was a calming, reassuring and clarifying experience.


~S R~




Overall the workshop was an excellent source of analyzing  and looking in depth at the direction of my life. The workshop helped me bring out my inner thoughts of fear and emotions. It  helped me express my fear and analyze the challenges one will face after divorce and how one can confidently and strongly face it.

It made me realize that I am not alone and if I have faith in Allah, I don’t have to fear society.

It gave me courage to step up and rethink of my health and happiness rather than living in fear.

In short it gave me purpose and hope and courage to think for myself and help me ease my fear that an unhappy marriage is better than living alone.

It help me to acknowledge that I am very strong as a woman and don’t need a man to survive and tell me how good or bad I am.

Self confidence, self happiness is a key factor with faith in Allah one can thrive many hurdles one is going through.

Support groups are wonderful as they can help and give strength to build up all those who are falling apart as individuals.

Thank you Rayesa.


~A K~




I listen to your videos all the time.

They help me when it comes co parenting my kids and being in the middle of two families and compromise what is better for the kids and so that I can have peace IA. The one thing that you helped me with is detachment.
You helped me to understand that even if I'm a mom and I have lots of responsibilities, I have to remember that Allah has reasons for everything and my children are a gift from Allah.

You helped me to focus on my intention and effort and detach my worth from the outcome because the outcome is not in my hands.

I'm still able to learn from you compared to other sisters who only see one side.

Even though I am not divorced, I still take the opportunity to learn from you because I want to keep my marriage now.


~W Rod~




Working with Rayesa was one of the most fulfilling experiences in growth and development. She is professional, understanding and supportive. Her extensive  knowledge and expertise in high performance coaching, relationships and parenting skills has been influential in my personal growth process.

One of the best investments in myself and in my self-care. It was a catalyst to my growth. It is integral to personal growth.


~A Khan ~




Rayesa has been instrumental in rebuilding my confidence & self worth. Her power-packed sessions are like a life boat in the tumultuous ocean of chaos & drama that I often find myself in. She taught me to find peace in disarray, to find self confidence again after self hate, to find patience amidst children's frenzy.

She taught me to be a better listener, a closer friend to my teenagers, and above all she taught me to live & appreciate every day of my life to the fullest. I now am completely aware that the tools to live a happy life are present within me, it's just a matter of discovering them.

Rayesa has been that key to help me unlock the tools for success and happiness.


~Alia ~




I was struggling with how to cope with divorce. I needed help with rediscovering myself after divorce, dealing with loneliness, and feelings of guilt, and ways to effectively coparent.

I wanted a coach who practiced Islam and included our spiritual beliefs during the process of healing from divorce

Rayesa provided actionable techniques on the how to recover...and not just sessions to talk week to week on issues I encounter.

It has given me a new perspective on things and has allowed me to take accountability for the things I need to change about myself.

The first step has been self awareness, and there really has not been any counselor or coach that has done that with me before using the principles of Islam and focusing on my thoughts as a start.

Rayesa’s approach is unique in how she integrates Islam into the sessions and reminders of what Allah asks us to do.  Also, the recordings allow time to think on what I have discovered along the way.

I like that she did not offer what I should do. Instead you get me to think through on my own what I should do with guidance on how...the actionable techniques.

Also, her email messages with links to Quran and hadith and videos posted to social media has been incredibly helpful!  Literally on days I needed it, those messages would come through.


Definitely would recommend this to others.  Rayesa offers very valuable one on one sessions and have gotten me to see things I have not seen before.

She has helped me to understand how to deal with my thoughts which has been so key!  I love the inner Peace document and audio provided. It is exactly what I needed. I am trying to use it and have caught instances when I should have used it.  It is a chance to self-correct.


~A K~



I came to Rayesa at a time where I was completely lost…recently separated, in denial, hopeful my marriage of 17 years could be saved, devastated, a walking nervous breakdown. I decided to give this a try because, why not? What did I have to lose? My entire life was over in my opinion, I had nothing to live for….

AstaghfirAllah. In less than one year, I went from all of that to being thankful to Allah SWT my unhappy marriage was over, peaceful, and a feeling of closeness to Allah SWT like I never felt before- EVER! I understood what it was like to hold Allah SWT in the center of my heart…. That He is the only one who would never leave or forsake me. The shifts I made were groundbreaking.

I highly recommend ANYONE going through separation or a divorce to take this mastermind. It has been the best thing I could have ever invested in…. From Rayesa seeing me ugly cry, to genuinely smile, laugh, be happy…. SubhanAllah. I never thought I’d be writing this recommendation… never thought I’d be divorced… yet here I am, feeling better than I have in my entire life. The clarity and skills I have learned to get me through any hardship… any down you will face on this roller coaster.

I really pray all women getting a divorce can take this mastermind. AlhumdAllah I had this opportunity. I pray you make your way here too. You are not alone! 



I came to Rayesa at a time when I was going through divorce. I was scared, uncertain and fearful of the future. I was devastated that my marriage of 7 years had come to an end. I was struggling to connect to Allah and kept having thoughts of ‘why me?’ I was in denial that marriage had ended. I was filled with anger and resentment towards my ex-husband, my parents, my ex-inlaws, society and everyone else that I believed was responsible for my pain and suffering.

Through Rayesa’s coaching I was able to rebuild my connection with Allah. I was able to see a hopeful future whereas earlier all I could see was a bleak future. Rayesa also helped me identify my unhelpful thinking patterns which kept me stuck. Through her help I was able to let go of resentment towards my ex and my parents. I also started viewing my divorce as a gift from Allah to bring me closer to him. This was a major shift! From viewing my divorce as a punishment from Allah to a gift from him.

Having sister Rayesa as a coach was a great comfort and also gave me stability during my divorce. I was touched in particular by her sincere desire to help without expecting much in return. She gently held up a mirror to my flaws in a compassionate way such that I didn’t feel shame but at the same time felt motivated to change myself. I highly recommend her to any sister who is going through divorce and is seeking closeness to Allah in the process


~C R~

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