The Gift of Time During the Era of COVID-19


These times are just another passing moment in history. History has seen many epidemics, pandemics, tragedies and life always goes on. 

Remember, Allah does not test us with more than we can handle. We won’t always know the reason why and that’s OK we can still move forward as the best of human nature, not the worst. 

Focus on what we can do and what we have control over - which is how we respond, not spend time figuring out ‘why’. 

This Time is a Gift

If you’ve ever thought, ‘I wish I had more time!!!’ 

Well now you do. 

Even if you are in the health field like me which is on overdrive now, there is still social distancing so you still have down time.  Use this time alone with yourself to think and reflect, which is what we are asked to do (and now being forced to).

See this time as a gift. We get to slow down and reflect on this now rather than when it’s too late. 

This is an opportunity to course correct, to reboot, and we are being forced into it. Think of it as a reminder of WHO is really in control. 

In moments like this, we learn to humbly surrender with humility and desperation with the belief that  God alone is our Protector, Provider, Maintainer, and Sustainer. He clearly doesn’t need us but we need Him. 

Don’t squander this gift of time you are being given, use it to move towards your Creator.

You Can Choose How to Respond 

You get to consciously decide how to behave rather than reacting to the frenzy and panic some people are displaying, which spreads like a virus itself. 

With the hoarding and people buying out everything they can get their hands on, remember...

This will pass just like everything else. 

You don’t have to follow the movement of this world because when you are attached to The Source, the Most Just, nothing can harm you without Allah’s permission. 

Remind yourself, it’s not the circumstance or situation you are facing but how we handle the test. 

And this, my sister, is a test. The economy is tanking, there’s loss of health and security, and of course, there’s the ultimate fear of death. 

Allah has already asked us: “Do you think you can say “I believe” and you will not be tested?”

Use this time to reflect on how you’re responding to this test. And reflect on why you are fearing death, if that is your cause for panic. 

Death is a guarantee that we want to deny, but the sooner we accept it, we can prepare for it in a way that will benefit us in the next life. 

Use this time to focus on where you are going in this temporary life and how it will help you in the eternal afterlife. 


Develop Yourself

That looks like: 

  1. Spending time alone with yourself 
  2. Knowing yourself 
  3. Accepting Yourself and embracing your humanness, with all your flaws, weaknesses and strengths, knowing that it has nothing to do with your value or worth.  

Really going on a journey of self discovery. This time of self isolation is a perfect time to embark on this journey.

Focus on what you have first rather than what is missing and appreciate everything you did have that you don’t right now, temporarily. Truly be grateful for those things you took for granted before.

Protect your heart and mind (thoughts) with reading. Make time for spiritual worship and get closer to Allah. 

Minimize the news, check in on people you love, and follow your local city public health instructions and guidelines.

Prepare, don't despair.

Prepare your deeds and increase your connection to the Owner. This is a tawakkul building exercise.


This is a time of settling into a new normal and grieving the losses we've had to accept. Any type of loss requires grieving what's lost, appreciating it and having gratitude for it.

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