Don’t Give Up on Yourself: 5 Ways to Look Beyond Your Negative Feelings


I got out one Sunday afternoon by the coast in Los Angeles and as I sat there waiting for a friend, I was really soaking in the warmth as I’d had about an hour of sunshine left. There was a little playground connecting to the Starbucks and it was nice to have the kids all around me just laughing and playing. It was really infectious how present they are in the moment. Their minds not racing off into the unknowns of the future paralyzing them to live their truth.  

Being around the joy of little people is inspiring, it's motivating and it makes you feel like everything's alright.

But it doesn’t always feel like this. Sometimes it feels like we have so many problems; like there's so much heaviness. Living in the present moment and light-heartedness of life can feel difficult.

You, my friend, may be struggling with lack of motivation, not feeling good enough, not having the confidence to go out and do the things you want to do. If you’re regularly feeling upset or depressed and lonely, being afraid of taking risks, being afraid of the unknowns, then, I simply want to connect with you and offer a little inspiration and motivation right now.


Here are 5 ways for you to look beyond the negative feelings:


1. Understand that uncertainty is a part of our reality.

None of us can be certain about how things are going to turn out. It doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to try, afraid to dream, or afraid to take risks, for fear of failure. You can step into your power even in the face of uncertainty. If you're alive then there is opportunity for possibility and greatness inside of you that is waiting to be shared with the rest of the world. If things do not turn out as you would like, learn from the experiences and try again. With the help of Allah, success will surely come.

Remember you are responsible for your intention and effort. The outcome is only in Allah's hands.

Let go, Do your best and Submit. Be content that your best is good enough.


2. Know that you cannot fail

You are not a failure and you cannot fail. In fact, the only way to fail is to quit. You are always in the process of being successful. And it's not about what other people think of you, or how you perceive other people to think of you. Rather, it's about how are you thinking about yourself and what does Allah think of you? It's about your two most important relationships. Your best is good enough. I want you to remember this when you're feeling hesitant or you're feeling that you're not good enough or you’re feeling like you just don't know where to begin.


3. Surround yourself with people who uplift you

Listen to motivational talks, podcasts or YouTube videos that will inspire you. Select the people who help you strive to be your best, be God conscious, and benefit you to make good choices. Influence is pivotal. 

Recent scientific research coming out states your behavior subconsciously not only affects your friends but also your friends' friend's friends. That's three circles out! The people you surround yourself dramatically influence your beliefs, behaviors, and habits. 

Ensure that you are around people who inspire you to follow your dreams, follow your heart, and take risks and chances. Those are the people who challenge you to think “what if this works out?” instead of “what if it doesn't?”

Whether you currently have people in your life supporting you or not, it's okay. You can find that support, especially in this day and age. If you don't find it locally within your community or your family and friends, you can find it globally online! Your reach is far and you can access a lot more of the support you need.

As you evolve and change your influences need to as well. Who you are today is different than who you were last year. People affect your physical, mental and spiritual energy.


4. Just get out!

Don't stay stuck in your own mind, playing stories over and over again, thinking this happened or this could happen and getting sucked down the rabbit hole. When your mind is cluttered with racing thoughts you won't have the mental 'head" space and energy to see and hear the guidance gifted to you by Allah.

Change things up, go outside and get that vitamin D! You’ll see how much better you’ll feel just being in nature and soaking up the sun. Believe me, it's therapeutic!


5. Be OK with feeling discomfort

We were created to feel a wide range of emotions - sadness, frustration, disappointment, anger, etc. But these emotions don't have to define you. You are in charge and can master them. This doesn't mean suppress your emotions and not feel.

It's quite the opposite. You feel, accept and let go. Don't build up stories. Your feelings are indicating your thinking. That's it.

So when you feel heavy, know it’s not the end of the world, until the world actually ends. It will definitely get better. And if something doesn’t work out? Then you'll find another way because you have that potential inside of you.

Now go live intentionally, connect fully and fulfill your destiny!


Leave a comment and let me know what are your favorite ways to find inspiration and perk yourself up when negativity creeps in?




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