Parental Alienation: A Mother's Nightmare and How to Deal With It

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

It's the type of abuse that doesn't leave physical scars but emotional, lifelong ones. It obstructs the development of the self of the child, which affects how the child sees himself in all experiences through life.

I'm talking about Parental Alienation. It's the manipulation of a child’s mind and attachment bonds in a negative way and yes, it is very abusive.

Parental alienation is the process and result of psychological, manipulative control of a child for the purpose of restricting or restraining the child’s relationship with the other parent.


Common Behaviors of Alienating Parents:

  • Bad mouthing the other parent to the child in obvious and subtle ways
  • Limiting contact between the child and the other parent
  • Erasing the other parent from the life and mind of the child
  • Creating the idea/impression that the other parent is dangerous, unfit, or unworthy of a relationship with their child
  • Forcing the child to choose between parents including the...
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Naked and Exposed

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

I have been doing something new lately. More and more frequently. Something I didn't think I would ever do. And when I consciously thought about it today I decided to take a selfie, document, and share for our benefit. As a reminder to myself first.


There was a time I would never have taken, much less posted this picture of me with a naked face.


I have been going out without wearing makeup! It has become less and less imperative for me to cover up, hide or change what I have been naturally gifted by our Creator.  Covering up the way I have been perfectly designed and crafted by God.


As far as I can remember I was very self-conscious about the way I looked, not necessarily body image but my face. I spent years buying concealers to cover up my dark circles and dark patches on my face. Praise God I didn’t obsess over the color of my skin, although I did wish I was lighter skin but did not obsess over it. Shadeism is for another blog post.


As far...

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My Shattered Heart and Dreams Led to my Awakening

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2018

I spent the first few months of my divorce process in shock and denial. I never thought I would end up in this situation even in my worst nightmares.

I remember in college, during a clinical rotation I was having a conversation with a fellow classmate about my upcoming wedding after graduation to a man who was in medical school. He said,  “Oh you’ll be divorced in 10 yrs or so.” I remember it so vividly because what he said stood out in my mind as absolutely NOT, Never! Not to me.  I thought, what does he know. He’s in his early 30’s, and in his second career. The point is, I was in such denial that I would ever experience divorce. I thought my relationship would never end. That it was, t”ill death do us part.”

What it taught me is to never rule anything out. It also was the first time I realized my worst fears become my greatest tests.

This was one of the greatest tests of my life.

Have you ever had a wake up...

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Overwhelm and Stress leading to Procrastination

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2018

Overwhelm, stress, worry…

Do you struggle with this?

Most of us do, In fact I’ve never heard of anyone not feeling these emotions on some level or another.


I used to really struggle with this to the point it would consume me and and I wasn't able to make decisions with clarity, felt confused and didn't know where to  begin. The stress would come out on the the people I love the most and then I would regret it later. 

This cycle of overwhelm and regret is no way to live.

Overwhelm and stress can come from thoughts in your conscious and subconscious mind.  Meaning unless you dig deep into your self talk, it may not be apparent at the surface level.

I recently worked with a mom who was overwhelmed and helped her gain clarity to take action on areas of her life where she was stuck. She was overwhelmed and worried about the transitions of starting a new job and managing expectations at work and at home with her family.

Her mind was consumed with...

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The foundation of Love

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2018

I’m sure it's caught your eye. Everywhere I look there are reminders of Valentine’s Day all around. A day of love that is symbolized by gifts, flowers, hearts, and candy.

So what is the significance of Valentine’s Day? What feelings does it generate within you? What are we celebrating during this holiday?

To me it feels very commercialized and materialistic similar to a lot of holidays. However, when I ask myself what this holiday of love means to me. What comes to my mind is…

What does everyone want?

I believe it’s UNCONDITIONAL Love and Acceptance.

I craved this for most of my life and looked for it in all the wrong places. I looked to people, my physical appearance and achievements, both personal and professional. I searched for love and acceptance in places that caused disappointment, pain, and hurt. Internally, it felt like I was bouncing from place to place, to feel unconditionally accepted, valued, honored and dignified.

It was always fleeting.

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Heartfelt Lessons from my Hijab Evolution

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2018

In honor of World Hijab Day (WHD) on February 1st, 2018, I was inspired to share my own hijab story. A story of my evolution. The first WHD was on February 1st, 2013, in recognition of millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty and devotion to God. 

As I reflect upon my journey of my hijab and the significance it plays in my life, I am reminded of how life takes us in in many different turns and swoops us through many loops.

Examining my hijab history to date I can see how it has always been reflective of my internal relationship with God, our Creator. As I write this something just came to mind…
Part of my history was conscious and part unconscious. The unconscious, I barely remembered until now as I sit to put my reflections to writing.

There was a time when I was pressured to cover my hair. The intentions were pure, loving and caring. From a family member who felt that now was the time for me to take this step of devotion to my...

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